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A tech startup based in Sydney Australia, Dive Select knows what divers need. Providing not only user friendly technology and first in class content but Dive Select also aims to build community. 

The free app will display rich dive site content, allow you to log your dives, connect with your community an much more.

Want to be more involved? Let Dive Select give you some free stuff through our Dive Bonus campaign.

Our goal is to enhance the dive community on a global scale, help drive the diving community today.

Reach out to us, let us know how you want to be involved.

The best diving content on the planet



We know the importance of user friendly tech. Dive Select will offer a

simple all in one solution for divers.

Intuitive and personal, the Dive Select app aims to be your buddy wherever

you are. Smooth dive location selection, easy navigation through your

profile and one touch access to dive site content. Want to see dive depth,

water temp and cool pictures on all the dive locations around the world

that you want to go to? Dive Select will have it.




Want to customize your profile? Dive Select offers a level of

customization unseen in the diving industries social media offerings.  

The way you see your profile is just as important as what you see

so Dive Select offers you the opportunity to not only upload

what you want but also gives you the ability to see it how

you want, pretty cool huh?

Customize how you want



We at Dive Select believe that passion is an amazing thing and why shouldn't

it be recognized? That is why we have the Dive Bonus page.

We believe active members of our community, members that help not just other

members, but add value to the community and its conservation efforts should be

rewarded. The Dive Bonus will make sure that you get recognized and

continue to do so through our tiered super user levels.

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can be rewarded.

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